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Diners, Drive-ins & Dives (Season 12 - Episode 12)


Pizza, Pancakes and Pork
This trip, triple D is all over the triple P. In Detroit, a pizza joint crankin' out pies with totally homemade toppings, and a unique crepe-filled lasagna. In Virginia Beach, Va., a beachside breakfast favorite the locals come running to for their citrus orange glazed pancakes and innovative benedicts. And in Chicago, the tiny dive servin' up flavor in massive proportions, like the melt-in-your-mouth pork belly sandwich.


Diners, Drive-ins & Dives (Season 21 - Episode 24)


Chicago's Finest

In this one-hour special, Guy's taking a whirlwind tour of the Windy City, exploring the flavors of Chicago. From new twists on burgers to old-school joints dishing out diner classics, and a tasty variety of the city's international eats like authentic Scandinavian, legit Caribbean and a legendary German landmark. And you can't pass up the real deal hot dogs and righteous Italian beef Chicago is known for. This culinary road trip through Chi-town will have you hankering for some outstanding big city eats.

Specialty Dishes: Pork Belly Po Boy, Beer-battered Fish and Chips, Foie Gras & Fries

Two chefs used their life savings to start this gourmet fast-food restaurant. Guy says that the foie gras with fries is "decadent" and perfectly medium-rare. The pork belly po' boy with maple mayo Guy described as "chicharrones meets pulled pork." Still hungry? Try the beer-battered fish and chips.


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